Société Landanger
Nos valeurs Fondation en 1947 Chirurgie, Laparoscopie, Stérilisation Recrutement Demande d'accès aux catalogues
Nos spécialités

3rd generation Family owned Business

Trusted since 1947, first company to dare to visit hospitals, operating rooms, and sterilization departments directly…

A tradition of generous attention to customer needs, by making it our mission to understand industry demands and the necessity of improved technologies and innovative designs.

The company now retains the first position in France for reusable surgical instruments.

Our success is based on our renown, consistent presence in each hospital system, a respectable quality to price ratio and the specific commitment to each aspect of the services provided.

Research and Development

The Research & Development department (currently 7 accomplished staff members) works to design innovative products to meet customer expectations in all specializations.

Each day, new designs, materials, and shapes are tested to elaborate more effective products that are more reliable and easier to use.

Market researchers, technicians, and graphic designers are developing quality products, responding to strict criteria in ergonomics, resistance, and efficiency through the most modern technical means (i.e. 3D modeling, exclusive prototyping workshops,…), and next generation equipment.

Production site

Based in the region of Haute-Marne in France, the cradle of French surgical instrumentation, Landanger’s production benefits from a multidisciplinary manufacturing capacity, unique in France.

Thanks to 65 years of expertise and a network of local subcontractors, the company is able to supply standard instruments in addition to specialized designs.

Our logistics center

With a corporate office located in Chaumont, the company occupies a 2500 square meter storage facility, with capacity for over 150,000 instruments in 10,000 spaces.

The logistic capacity provides approximately 90% stock availability with daily supply from production.

Data transfer of orders are processed several times each day between the sales and shipping departments for real time shipment progress and follow-up.

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